full disclosure

Forest Investment House (2007) Ltd. (hereinafter: “Forest Portfolio Management” or “the Company”) is a portfolio management company that engages in investment portfolio management and investment marketing, and does not engage in investment advice, as these terms are defined in the Regulation of Investment Counseling, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management, 1995.

​Forest Portfolio Management has an affinity to the financial assets of the following entities:

  1. Forest Mutual funds LTD.
  2. Forest Investments LTD
  3. Forest Growth (management) LTD

Details of the list of financial assets to which the Company has an interest:

  3. FOREST (2B) SELECT 75/25 IL
  4. FOREST (2B) 80/20 IL
  5. FOREST (2A) SELECT 85/15 IL
  6. FOREST (1B) (!) BONDS IL
  7. FOREST (1B) 90/10 IL
  11. FOREST (2B) 70/30 IL

Forest value 1

Forest value 2

Forest growth

Forest value 4

The linkage to such assets is in light of the fact that these financial assets are managed and / or issued and / or offered and / or marketed by Forest Portfolio Management and / or by related entities, and since Forest Portfolio Management may receive a benefit in connection with the execution of a transaction in the financial assets set out above or the continued holding of such assets.​

Forest Portfolio Manager may prefer financial assets in which it has an interest over other financial assets that are similarly suitable for the Client and in which it has no interest. It should be clarified that such interest is not deemed to be a conflict of interest action on the part of the Portfolio Manager towards the Client.

Forest Mutual Funds Ltd is the funds manager.

​An exclamation mark in the name of the fund indicates that according to its investment policy, exposure to credit risk may arise from exposure to bonds that are Non-investment grade bonds (as defined in note 2) and/or for bonds with no ties to Israel (except if the rating of said bonds is AAil or higher or an equivalent rating) or from derivatives activity or through corporations that belong to the second credit risk group or deposit cash and deposits in such corporations or from the value of a foreign security that was lent through an Israeli stock exchange member who does not meet the conditions set out in the first credit risk group (hereinafter – exposure to banks and brokers) under the following circumstances or rates: The overall rate of exposure to bonds that are not rated investment grade and/or exposure to bonds with no ties to Israel (except if the rating of said bonds is AAil or higher or an equivalent rating) and exposure to banks and brokers may exceed the maximum exposure rate of the fund to shares, as indicated by the fund’s exposure profile; The rate of exposure to a particular bank or broker may exceed 10% of the value of the Fund’s assets and the rate of exposure to banks and brokers may exceed 20% of the value of the Fund’s assets (all regardless of the exposure profile of the Fund to shares); For this purpose, a first or second credit risk group – as defined in the appendix for the directive for fund managers and trustees regarding custodian risks and credit risks. It will be clarified that the funds will not create exposure to credit risk of banking corporations that are not belong to the first credit risk group. “A company with no ties to Israel” – a company for which all of the following are true: its bonds are registered for trading in Israel; Its place of incorporation is outside Israel; Its business management takes place outside of Israel and its shares were not offered to the public in Israel; For this matter, a company whose general manager or active chairman is a resident of Israel, and whose majority of the board members are residents of Israel, will be considered a company whose business is conducted in Israel. It will be clarified that in accordance with the legal guidelines, a company will not be considered a company with no ties to Israel until 07.11.2024 as long as its bonds were registered for trading in Israel on the eve of 07.11.2021. (1) Regarding the fund “Forest (0A) (!) Investment Grade Bonds IL”, in the event that the rating of the bonds held by the fund falls below the investment grade, such that the fund’s investments deviated from its investment policy as aforesaid, the Fund Manager shall adjust the Fund’s investments to the investment policy by the end of the tenth day counting from the day after the deviation occurred. (2) Non-investment grade bonds – corporate bonds and / or bonds issued by a country other than the State of Israel, which is not rated or is rated lower than (BBB-) ​​or an equivalent rating.
Maximum exposure to shares (in absolute terms) of the net value of the Fund’s assets: 0 – No exposure to shares, 1- up to 10%, 2 – up to 30%, 3- up to 50%, 4- up to 120%; The maximum degree of exposure to foreign currency from the net value of the fund’s assets: A- up to 10%, B- up to 30% . This publication does not constitute an offer to purchase units in funds and does not constitute a substitute for investment advice / marketing and / or tax, which takes into account the data and the special needs of each person. Units are purchased in accordance with the main prospectus in effect and the immediate reports. The fund yields and / or its ratings and / or its positions in the past do not guarantee a similar yields and / or rating and / or position in the future.