We are a fundamental-research, employee-owned investment house. We invest using a thorough in-house research process – free from sell-side research and the herd mentality. Our thinking is independent of the investment community and our opinions often differ greatly from the consensus.

Forest Investment house was established in 2004. We specialize in managing investments through mutual funds (Forest Mutual Funds Ltd – a fully owned subsidiary), managed investment portfolios and private equity funds.

We are not engaged in investment banking, brokerage and prop trading (nostro activities), we have no conflicts of interest to cloud our judgment. Ours is truly an independent investment firm.

Based on our independent research, we strive to make investments where there is significant under-valuation or where there are realistic and meaningful opportunities for growth at reasonable prices. Our research is highly focused on the Israeli stock and bond markets where we believe that market inefficiencies often occur especially in the valuation of small, harder to find, and lesser-known companies.


Forest Mutual Funds Ltd.
The list below are the funds which Forest Mutual Funds Ltd. Manages:
Fund No. Fund Name
5123542 FOREST (2B) SELECT 75/25 IL
5118674 FOREST (2B) 80/20 IL
5115258 FOREST (2A) SELECT 85/15 IL
5108519 FOREST (1B) (!) BONDS IL
5125265 FOREST (1B) 90/10 IL
5129978 FOREST (0B) (!) BONDS ONLY IL

An exclamation mark on behalf of the fund indicates that according to its investment policy, exposure to credit risk may arise from exposure to bonds that are not rated investment grade (as defined below) or from derivative activity with or through corporations that belong to the second credit risk group or deposit cash and deposits in such corporations or from the value of a foreign security that was lent through an Israeli stock exchange member who does not meet the conditions set out in the first credit risk group (hereinafter – exposure to banks and brokers) under the following circumstances or rates: The overall rate of exposure to bonds that are not rated investment grade and exposure to banks and brokers may exceed the maximum exposure rate of the fund to shares, as indicated by the fund’s exposure profile; The rate of exposure to a particular bank or broker may exceed 10% of the value of the Fund’s assets and the rate of exposure to banks and brokers may exceed 20% of the value of the Fund’s assets (all regardless of the exposure profile of the Fund to shares); For this purpose, a first or second credit risk group – as defined in the appendix to the directive of fund managers and trustees regarding custodian risks and credit risks. Non-investment grade bonds – corporate bonds and / or bonds issued by a country other than the State of Israel, which is not rated or is rated lower than (BBB-) ​​or an equivalent rating. Regarding the fund “Forest (0A) (!) Investment Grade Bonds”, in the event that the rating of the bonds held by the fund falls below the investment grade, such that the fund’s investments deviated from its investment policy as aforesaid, the Fund Manager shall adjust the Fund’s investments to the investment policy by the end of the tenth day counting from the day after the deviation occurred. Maximum exposure to shares of the net value of the Fund’s assets: 0 – No exposure to shares, 1- up to 10%, 2 – up to 30%, 3- up to 50%; The maximum degree of exposure to foreign currency from the net value of the fund’s assets: A- up to 10%, B- up to 30% . This publication does not constitute an offer to purchase units in funds and does not constitute a substitute for investment advice / marketing and / or tax, which takes into account the data and the special needs of each person. Units are purchased in accordance with the main prospectus in effect and the immediate reports. The yields and / or ratings and / or their positions in the past do not guarantee a similar return and / or rating and / or position in the future.